Laurence in Austin home office in 1997


Brevard and Brevard logo without inc
Tax Employer Id Number: 26-2579130
This partnership replaces the corporation
Brevard & Brevard, Inc.
which was dissolved on December 31, 2004

Brevard & Brevard, Inc.
Historical information:
Texas Corporation Charter Number 1338512
Oregon Registry # 079520-96 Federal Tax ID: 74-2729001

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Laurence C. Brevard
Email address as graphic only.

Stevalyn G. Henderson Brevard
Email address as graphic only.

Electronic Design Automation and Standards
Computer and Network Configuration
Applications Development
Drone Photography



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Stevalyn G. Henderson, C.P.A - RETIRED.
Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation
IRS Audit and Negotiation Representation

RETIRED - no longer in practice

Yoga and Pilates Instruction

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17109 Indian Chief Dr
Cedar Park, TX 78613

13102 Fawn Valley Dr
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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OLD ADDRESS - 2004 - July 2014
3449 Suncrest Ave
San Jose, California 95132-3051

Web Cameras

My cable modem provider in Cedar Park is Spectrum Business with 5 static IPs
My alternate connection provider was AT&T U-verse
My cable modem provider in San Jose was Comcast Business with 5 static IPs
My old ADSL static IP provider was for 7 years.

P2V conversion to guest on VMware Server 1.0.10
August 10, 2010
Conversion to Virtual Box for Q7D
October 13, 2019

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