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These two cameras are the only ones left using Webcam32 (which no longer works in Windows 7)
Pictures are captured into a rolling set of 100 and uploaded statically to the server.

2nd Garage & Studio:
(Updated about every 15 minutes.)
Garage and Yoga Studio
Click here for older camera pictures.

Back of Stevalyn's Office:
(Updated about every 15 minutes.)
Laurence's office
Click here for older camera pictures.

Most of the cameras now are IP cameras with streaming.

All Cameras on One Page- Chrome or Firefox ONLY
External Access - New Version 
Internal Display - only in LAN - New Version

Streaming Cameras Individual Control
Panasonic Network Camera 1 (Den)
Panasonic Network Camera 2 (Dining)
FOSCAM Network Camera 1 (Studio)
FOSCAM Network Camera 2 (SGH office)
FOSCAM Network Camera 3 (Outside Patio)
FOSCAM Network Camera 4 (Inside Garage)
FOSCAM Network Camera 5 (Outside to San Jose)
FOSCAM Network Camera 6 (Outside to Driveway)
FOSCAM Network Camera 7 (Outside to Garage)

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